Review: Gregory Tan's quest to carve his own Legacy

Gregory Tan
Rating: 7/10

The thesaurus says that the word ‘Legacy’ means ‘something that is part of your history, or something that has been left behind from a previous generation.’  And just because of the fact that this word exists in the English dictionary, scores of people have strived to achieve accolades so that they can forge their own legacies that would impact people’s minds and leave their mark in this world.

For Los Angeles-based composer Gregory Tan trying to achieve the task was quite straight forward. The 26 year old, originally from Singapore, decided to take his musical prowess, and his prior experience in creating background scores for games, and use it to build an album that not only resonates hope, despair and glory but also profound gratification at the same time.

Legacy cover art
“Legacy”, Tan’s upcoming album, is cinematic and orchestral in nature. Tracks like “
Built On Hope” and “Destined For Greatness” can take you on a journey that is beyond the confines of our myopic world. It can captivate your senses and inspire you to exceed your own expectations as you triumph over your own inhibitions.

The album also screams the fact that without our dreams we are nothing but hollow shells that exude scepticism and negativity. The symphonious and riveting “Dreaming In Starlight” portrays our ardent aspirations hidden in the corners of our minds.

“Requim Of The Fallen” paints the ceaseless struggles people have to go through to accomplish their dreams. The song also points out to the listener that his or her efforts might not be fruitful and that greatness can’t be built only on hopes and dreams. It needs something more. “Into Eternity” and “Our dreams” show us that we, as human beings, need to find, as the composer rightly calls it, “The Courage From Within” and begin again with fervent enthusiasm. And when we discover that unwavering faith in ourselves, we can attain the impossible. “The Strength From Within” echoes that exact feeling.

This album takes us through an emotional roller coaster, illustrating the ups and downs of life. For Gregory, this could just be the beginning of his “Legacy”.

~ The Wallflower

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  1. wonderful observation by this musician. I salute him for his work.


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