5 recent Cousin Silas albums that every ambient music enthusiast should listen to!

Cousin Silas

Perhaps one of the pioneers of modern day ambient music, David Hughes, or Cousin Silas as he is popularly known, is one of the best kept secrets of British music. While he secretly comes up with music that can touch the human soul with a single played note or a simple melody line, no one really knows what goes on in his mind when he starts to compose music.
A prolific composer, Silas has released over 214 albums to date. Some might call this too much but it can easily be said that he will surprise you with the quality and essence of one of his albums when you are least expecting it. Keeping that thought in mind, here are five Silas albums that might surprise you, play with your emotions and change your whole perspective towards ambient music.  

Short Stories by Cousin Silas

“Short Stories” is an album that comprises of several tracks under the 4 minute mark. That is quite a stark contrast to a general Silas track that might stretch to over an hour. But by no means is this album any short of thought provoking music. Listening to random tracks from the album might let you feel that each track is detached from the rest. But when you listen to the album as a whole, you realize that a stunning concept is brewing inside your head. It is quite a visual album per say and might confuse your emotions with its sometimes dark electronic, sometimes sweetly melodic and sometimes ethereal soundscapes. But one thing is for sure, this album will keep you thinking long after it has stopped playing.

Piano by Cousin Silas & Martin Neuhold

If anyone ever said that repetitive piano lines and bowed guitar layers could not be used in ambient music then Cousin Silas and Martin Neuhold have proved him or her wrong. Contemplative to the very core, “Piano” will show you the masterful artistry that the two musicians coming together can provide. Some tracks are deep, melancholic and nostalgic; others are hopeful and bright. Throughout, the piano is truly flawless, as is the guitar, perfectly complementing the other.

The Mechanics of Solitude by Cousin Silas

Solitude is a word that is often misinterpreted and related to loneliness. The two words imply two very different set of emotions. Solitude implies a state of mind where you feel like staying just with yourself, and no one else, while being at peace with yourself. It implies a lot of thoughts triggered to occupy your mind so that it does not dive into the despair associated with loneliness. “The Mechanics of Solitude” provokes those very set of emotions that define solitude in a human being. The album stands out as one of Silas’s best. It brings to you a flawless understanding of what "beautiful" sounds like.    

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East by Cousin Silas

If you are looking for haunting synth layers, percussion, vibrant bass, intriguing field-recordings and vocal samples and heart-rendering guitar-based melodies all in one place, “East” is the album for you. This album brings in the diversity that Silas has in his arsenal. However, it is not meant for group listening or casual listening. “East” is best listened to alone and with a good pair of headphones while sipping a cup of your morning coffee or tea.  

Landscapes by Cousin Silas

Intricacy is an essential part of Cousin Silas’s music and that is what defines “Landscapes”. Be it the synth layers or the guitar licks or the embedded atmospheres, the album provokes intricate visuals that can take you to landscapes from your dreams. The album is as much about beautiful imagery as it is about feelings, memories and cognitive sonic alchemy.


  1. Very nice to support Cousin Silas. I'm a long time admirer, and CS has an extensive catalog that is like a treasure trove of beautiful tapestries.


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